Artist Statement 

Through my art, I nourish my need to explore. I am intrigued by stories and unseen connections.

I use layers, some hidden, some visible, to show the segments that touch me.  They can be small or monumental. To me, this feeling of connection holds great value. It may be sentimental, historical, or ecological.  All hold equal weight in my eyes. If I reference an architectural detail in my work I feel I am honouring the skills of past craftsmen while expressing my own.

Handmade papers inspired by colour and pattern found in the subject are layered together with eco prints and paper lithography. These layers illustrate the link and connections I make to the subject, the final over painting being my addition to the story, this results in a mixed media description of my encounter.

I still enjoy simply painting a subject as I feel I get to know it through the process of creating. However, in my current work, the layers and prints are an attempt to capture true connection to the subject. To trap its essence within the work.

I hope each piece evokes a sense of nostalgia, a memory, or feeling in the viewer.