Courses & Workshops

Workshops and course are a great way to learn new skills and explore new ways to unwind and manage stress and anxiety in a relaxed environment.  Below are a few of the in person courses and workshops I offer.  It does not matter if you are a complete novice or an accomplished creator, I will help and guide you every step of the way. 

The kettles always on in my studio, so come along, relax and discover the joy in creating.

Mind Full to Mindful

Using a Sketchbook practice to manage positive mental health

I truly believe a sketchbook practice is a great way of managing stress and anxiety and have used this practice myself for years.  My sketchbook is a place to play, relax and escape.  There are no rules and no expectations.  Its about letting go and being free.

This course is offered as a four or six week programme, delivered each week using the natural world and everyday items to inspire sketchbook pages.  In sessions participants work through guided pages looking at specific aspects that affect mental health.  Some are aimed at changing negative behaviors such as black and white thinking, this is explored with a guided page using only grey scale.  Another considers managing being over whelmed, this exercise breaks the page into smaller sections to make it more manageable.   Students continue the practice at home in between visits, building skills and confidence.  

My professional process is based around the fundamental belief that art and creating can help maintain positive mental health. 

A regular sketchbook practice has helped me through stressful periods in my life and given me a tool to manage my mental health in a positive way.  I now teach that tool to others.  Each participant will end the course with a sketchbook made from recycled paper and practical skills to continue using throughout their lives.  

An online version of this course is currently in the filming stage.   

Print Making Basics

Mono, relief and eco printing exploration

In this course you learn the basics of print making.  Students explore mono, relief and non-toxic eco printing.  These print making methods are a simple way for anyone to achieve good results and build confidence. 

The particular print making methods chosen, both connect with the environment and have sound principles.  They involve simple techniques that are easy to use and can be explored and progressed further in your own time.   We begin with a foraging session, then move indoors for the printmaking.  Each of the three techniques are explored in turn. Soya based and other non toxic inks that are easily cleaned up provide the basis of the course.   Finally, we explore the idea of enhancing prints and developing your own style. 

All participants end the day with six to ten pieces of work printed on recycled or resource saving papers such as hemp, bamboo or agave. 

Make Your Mark

An exploration into the use of recycled and innovative material to explore mark making using handmade stencils, stamps and tools.

This course teaches a new way to look at incorporating  found objects and recycled materials into the process of creating art.  We firstly look at gathered recycled and found materials to explore other ways to reuse them.   We learn how to turn these items into unique stencils and make a series of fun and interesting stamps.  Next we explore the use of foraged items in mark making.  Looking and creating unusual brushes & tools.    We then  move on to play with wax resist, cross hatching and pattern in the making of hand decorated papers.   

Finally the many uses of these papers are investigated.  Some are used to make a homemade sketch or note book.  Whilst others are used in the making process, either to create creatures both real and imagined or in collaged self portraits. 

This course is a fun way to kick start creative thinking that can be used throughout your life.

I have always believed and this is now being backed by science, the process of making is where all the wellbeing benefits are found.  You don’t have to be “an artist or artistic” to achieve positive results.   I see few limits to participation that explores creative play to promote positive wellbeing.

I use all of these techniques and others in my everyday practice.  When deadlines loom and I need to lighten up I go back to these tried and tested ideas.  They help me remember art and creating are supposed to be fun.

Should you be interested in any of these courses or wish to discuss a tailor made course please contact me at [email protected]